02 Feb Self-Care and Connection Day

The aim of this day is to offer practical, supportive, self-care practices and techniques that you can take home, to nourish you and your families, as you travel the difficult road of caring for a chronically ill child or children….

Equally the desire is to provide a platform for connecting with other women who understand and share in your journey, where mutual understanding and sharing can lead to the development of a supportive network that can be tapped into beyond the event day itself.

The day will involve 3 practical sessions in aromatherapy and yoga for stress-relief, immune-boosting, relaxation & improved sleep, as well as a session on re-framing our concepts & perception of illness towards positive healing outcomes.

This self-care & connection day takes place at Macalla Hall, Loughlannagh Holiday Village, Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

This is a not-for-profit day and costs €65. It is limited to 20 places.

To enrole please e-mail elaine.bmptwest@gmail.com

10 – 11am  Registration & Coffee reception

11 – 1pm  Practical Aromatherapy & simple massage applications for stress relief, immune support & relaxation with Ellen Cox, IFPA

1 to 2pm  LUNCH

2 – 3.30pm  Re-framing our concept of illness towards healing & turning our love inside meditation with Elaine
Griffin – Biomagnetic Pair Therapist


4.30 – 6pm  Stretching & Breathing for stress relief & Yoga Nidra for stress & sleep support with Surya Martin