What is Biomagnetic Pair Therapy?

Restore & maintain balance

“We have not as a species lost the magnetic sensory system that our ancestors had millions of year ago. We are part of the Earth’s magnetic biosphere.” Prof Joseph Kirschvink.

Science accepts that the human body naturally produces both magnetic and electrical fields. Just as with planet earth, and indeed every living thing, every tissue and organ of the body, right down to our very cells, has its own magnetic field! Disruption to these fields, caused by environmental factors including illness, trauma, toxicity, allergy and stress can potentially lead to symptoms of dysregulation, inflammation and pain. Biomagnetic therapy aims to restore balance and promote healing by leveraging the body’s inherent magnetic properties.

Supporting proper activation of the immune system response

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, invented by Dr Isaac Goiz Durán in 1988 involves placing the north and south poles of magnets on specific points of the body, to correct these imbalances and distortions, supporting restoration and rebalancing. When the body is out of balance it is more difficult for it to heal and repair itself. Rather than targeting illness directly, bio-magnetic pair therapy aims to realign your electromagnetic fields to support better immune activation, energy production, detoxification and circulation, enabling the body to heal itself more effectively. 

The main objectives of biomagnetic therapy

The beauty of Biomagnetic Pair therapy is that it can be carried out safely alongside conventional medical protocols, is non-invasive and aims to support the body’s own innate intelligence. Each session is an individual and unique application in response to the presenting patient’s needs, and no two sessions are the same. This therapeutic use of magnets is extremely safe and can benefit all age groups, from mild ailments and injuries to long term chronic conditions.

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