About Elaine Griffin


Elaine Griffin is a fully certified Level Two Biomagnetic Pair Therapist, who has studied with the Escuela Superior De Biomagnetismo Médico under both Moises Goiz and Dr. David Goiz, as well as separately with Rob Renehen in Ireland. She is currently in year two of Naturopathic Nutritional Studies with the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Over 25 Years of Chronic Health Issues

Elaine suffered with chronic health issues for over 25 years, which began after a severe bout of Epstein Barr Virus at age 18 and continued right up until age 44. During that time she had received many diagnosis to include ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Pallindromic Rheumatism to name a few. In 2013 Elaine was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and tick borne co-infections by a specialist tick borne diseases lab in Germany. At that time she set up Elaine Fights Lyme, a patient advocacy platform, to help raise awareness of Lyme Disease and tick borne diseases.

Polaris Clinic

A true constant on the journey to recovering your health

Health Recovery

Her journey to recovering her health brought her around the globe, to Australia, India, Germany and the USA, working with many experts and modalities, both conventional and holistic, in the fields of chronic illness.

In 2016 she discovered Biomagnetic Pair Therapy and began to recover her health and well-being and now enjoys a full life, free of pain and fatigue. In 2018, after qualifying as a Biomagnetic Pair Therapist she opened Polaris Clinic to help others on their journey to recovering from chronic illness.

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