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My Integrative Therapy Model

While Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy and Biomagnetic Pair Therapy are powerful, stand-alone modalities in their own right, applying both techniques in tandem takes personalised health care protocols to the next level and is especially beneficial to chronic, long-term conditions such as ME, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, MS, Lupus etc as well as for neurodiverse presentations. 

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy cannot resolve a nutritional deficiency, while equally, the provision of tailored made, optimal nutrition may not take well in a body that has many electromagnetic distortions due to illness, infection, trauma, stress, intolerances and so on. Employing both modalities across a case delivers the required individualised nutritional and lifestyle factors to a body that is supported and primed to receive and utilise it and that is a powerful combination! 

At Polaris Clinic, each case is evaluated over a 2 hour initial consultation process, on both current health status and medical history, taking into account presenting symptoms, aims and health goals moving forward. The time given allows for a proper and thorough appraisal of the individual components and needs of the given patient, so that tailor-made protocols can be devised. While overlaps between clients sharing diagnoses and symptoms are commonly seen, no “one fits all” protocols are used here. At the core of both of the modalities offered is a deep acknowledgement and understanding that each individual carries their own unique genetic blueprint, their own story and set of individual circumstances that all contribute to make up their particular presentation. Unlike conventional medical models that separate out the various bodily systems for evaluation and intervention, the work I offer strives to deeply engage and integrate the individual as a whole being,  in body, mind and spirit, which is where I believe, lasting true health and wellbeing originates. If I have learned anything from my 25 year chronic health journey, it has been this, and that understanding has driven me to train and study continuously since my recovery so I can bring this knowledge and practice to you!

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Elaine worked with me gently and slowly to unravel the root causes behind my array of symptoms. As she uncovered each piece to the puzzle, I began to see improvements in my symptoms and overall health.